Be a Power Saver

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Turning on lights in our homes is as easy as flipping a switch. We do it all the time. But do you ever wonder where the electricity comes from?

an illustration of a power plant

It all starts at a power plant. It might be hundreds of miles away from your light switch. A power plant makes electricity. There are different kinds of power plants, and they make electricity in different ways. Many of them are coal power plants and natural gas power plants. They burn fuel and use the heat to run a machine that makes electricity for us to use.

The electricity travels in power lines to get to our homes. Then we can use the electricity to turn on the lights, watch television, keep food cold in the refrigerator, heat up water for bathing, or turn on the air conditioner.

an illustration of a living room with a lamp, the TV turned on, and a fan

The trouble is that making electricity this way also creates pollution. These power plants make smoke and release greenhouse gases like CO2. These greenhouse gases are a cause of global climate change. We don’t want to make too much CO2, and we want to decrease pollution.

Remember, these power plants make electricity for us to use. If we use less electricity, the power plants will make less electricity. If they are making less electricity, they are also making less pollution.

That means that we can help the world by using less electricity. Everyone can do it, and everyone can make a difference.

an illustration of nature with clouds, a tree, and a butterfly

How can you use less electricity? You can become a

Climate Kids Power Saver!

To become a Climate Kids Power Saver, take the pledge:

I will do my best to save energy in my home.
I will help others learn ways to use less electricity.
I will help make the world a better place.
I will be a Climate Kids Power Saver!

Print out your official Climate Kids Power Saver badge:

Now look for ways to save electricity all the time. In your home, what is plugged in right now? What do the switches control? Ask yourself which of them need to be turned on, which of them don’t, and which of them can be unplugged.

a light switch that says 'flip it' and a plug that says 'unplug it!'

Remember that some things use electricity when they’re plugged into the wall even if you’re not using it right now. For example, phone and tablet chargers use electricity when they’re plugged in, even if the phone or tablet isn’t connected. Make sure you unplug them when you’re not using them.

Did someone leave a light on when they left the room?
Flip the switch.

Did someone leave the TV on?
Switch it off.

Did someone leave a fan on?
Turn it off.

Did someone leave a phone charger plugged in?
Unplug it.

Make a difference every day!