The Climate Time Machine

The Climate Time Machine

See into the past and ahead to the future!

Earth's global climate is warming. The average temperatures of the air and the ocean are increasing. Snow and ice are melting around the world. Average sea level is rising.

Polar bear is stretching to jump from one small piece of ice to another.

Melting ice in the Arctic can make life harder for polar bears.

The waves are coming very close to a house built on a beach.

Expensive beach houses may be in trouble soon.

Black smoke billows from powerplant smokestacks.

Coal-fired powerplants release a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Man (from waist down) walks on dry, cracked ground.

As global temperatures rise, some places get too much rain, and others suffer severe droughts. Credit: V. Dithajohn/EPA/Corbis

Play with the Climate Time Machine. See back into the past and ahead to a possible future.

  • How much Arctic sea ice has melted just since satellites started observing around 30 years ago?

  • What parts of the world will be under water as sea level rises, inch by inch, foot by foot?

  • How much has the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide increased in the air just in the last few years?

  • How much has temperature risen around the world in just a little over 100 years?